Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

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Bosch Universal Mixer Complete

Bosch Universal Mixer

I have owned a Bosch Universal Mixer since February 2007 and absolutely love it!  There are a number of advantages to owning a Bosch Universal Mixer.  Here are my top ones:

*  Serves multiple uses – mixer, kneads dough, and blender – takes up one spot on the counter verses several machines.

*  For bread making I can make 2 to 6 loaves at a time.

*  High power blender that leaves no small bits of ice or food.

*  Very easy to use and clean – a real plus for all family members.

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

In the fall of 2007 Bosch unveiled the NEW Universal Plus Mixer, which eventually replaced the model shown above.  Here are some of the improved features:

*  Sleek New Dynamic Styling

*  Enhanced Durability – Motor lasting four times longer and the transmission two times longer.

*  Easy Cleanup – the drive shaft is removable!

*  Higher Performance – now 800 watts!

*  More Speed Choices & Wider Speed Range!

*  Higher Capacity Bowl and it Locks!

  • Lynn Stafford

    Lynn Stafford

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