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November 17, 2014

It’s that time again, for the annual order of Celtic sea salt, and I have already heard from some of you (LOL).

I will be ordering Celtic Sea Salt the first of December, so please let me know by November 30th if you want to order this year. Price is $5.50 per pound with a minimum of 2 pounds.  Since I order once a year, please order a sufficient supply!

I used to purchase Celtic Sea Salt from a local store in 1 pound bags; last time I checked it was $13+ for one pound.  I do order the fine, which is still thicker than most regular sea salt.

If you want to learn more about Celtic Sea Salt, read this article about the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt at Pacific Health Center.  After you do you’ll see why I recommend the Salt Cleanse for sinus congestion and to better protect you and your family from the flu (perfect for this time of year).

Salt Description:  These organic sea salts* are from the prestigious salt ponds of Guérande France are completely natural and unrefined.  These salts are harvested using traditional Celtic methods.  The beautiful grey color that comes from the clay lined salt ponds that the seawater is evaporated in.  The exceptional French clay in these ponds adds valuable minerals and nutrients that add to both the nutritional value and flavor of these fine salts.  These salts are never blended always 100% pure sea salt from Guérande France.

*These salts are certified organic by France’s Nature & Progrés. This is the most rigorous salt certification process, which equates to purity and quality.

Please let me know if you want salt and how many pounds NO LATER THAN November 30th. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Feel free to share this email with anyone who might like to order.

To your wellness,



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