BB Co-Op – Need Honey Granules & Want to Split a Bag?

August 10, 2014

It’s NOW time to place your Bread Beckers’ order up until midnight August 14th.  Last order with delivery THIS year – see IMPORTANT NOTE below.

A Co-Op member wants to split a bag of Savannah Gold Free-Flowing Honey Crystals: Cane Sugar, Honey -aka Honey Granules (#242) so there would be 25 – 30 lbs. available for others.  So far I have 15 lbs. spoken for so that leaves 10 – 15 lbs. available for 1, 2 or 3 others, 5 lb. increments only.  Splitting a bag, the price would be $2.43 per pound, which is a $1.01 savings off the per pound price of the 5 lb. pail (#342 at $3.44/lb).  And just in time for holiday baking!

***IMPORTANT NOTE***:  Bread Beckers’ is moving from four (4) deliveries a year to three (3) and the transition begins for us at the end of 2014.  Instead of ordering in November with delivery in December, we will be ordering in December with delivery in January.  This means we have four months between this current cycle and the next one so order accordingly so you don’t run out of something over the holidays!

Please place your order here ==>

NOTE:  The BAGS OF GRAIN are NOT available for this ordering cycle, but will be available to order in December.

Place your order now until August 14, 2014 with delivery in SeptemberThe next call-in will be December with delivery in January.  Here’s the remaining schedule for 2014 and for 2015.

If you’ve already registered, but forgotten your log-in credentials, click on the link at the very bottom that says “forgot your password? click here” and follow the prompts.  Please do not join again!

After placing your order, if you need to add to or edit your order after August 14th, please let me know as I will have access for several days after the cut-off date.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

You can view and print your invoice after the order cycle closes.  Once the cycle closes, around August 20th, please go ahead and send your payment to me.  I will hold all checks and deposit close to our delivery date.  Once I’m notified of the delivery date, I will notify you and arrangements will be made for orders to be picked up from me.

Please continue to spread the word to build up membership in the Monticello Co-Op in order to meet the minimum each delivery cycle, which is $1,000 in qualifying food.  We’ve improved our numbers over the last several cycles, but still not consistently meeting the minimum.  Thank you for sharing about the Co-Op with others and helping us add members!

Place your order now until August 14, 2014 with delivery in SeptemberThe next call-in will be December with delivery in January.


If you did NOT already register as a Co-Op Member at Bread Beckers’ new Online Co-Op site, you will need do so in order to place your order online.  If you are one who doesn’t like ordering online, please email me directly and I will work out another option for you.

If you aren’t ordering this time and still haven’t registered at the BB Online Co-Op site, please go ahead and register so you’ll be in their system and ready when you are.

Register here ==>

Please follow all the prompts to select the Monticello, FL Co-Op to join, and complete all the information required.

When finished, you should receive a confirmation email.  Once you have registered and received your confirmation you can place your order anytime while the order cycle is open.

If you do not plan to register at Bread Beckers’ Online Co-Op site or no longer wish to receive emails regarding being a part of the Monticello Bread Becker Co-Op, please email me (reply to this email) and let me know if you want to be removed also from my LetsMakeBread announcement list.


Thank you!


Monticello Co-Op Coordinator


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