My name is Lynn Stafford and my passion is helping others become healthier through eating better and exercise.  I have been on my own journey to a healthier lifestyle since July of 2004.  The website, Healthy Habits Etc., is devoted entirely to this purpose.

I began that journey with reading food labels and the shock of all the preservatives and many other harmful or unnecessary additives, many toxic, got my attention!  I also began using a whole food, nutritional supplement called Juice Plus+® (fruits and vegetables in a capsule!) in October of 2004 to bridge the gap between what I eat and what I know I don’t always eat each and every day.

I began making my own bread in November of 2004 when I finally put to use the used bread machine (a DAK) I bought from the woman we bought our home from in October 2003.  Yes, it took me ONE year to venture into the unknown of baking bread on my own.

You must also know that I never really enjoyed spending time in the kitchen cooking.  Me, I would much rather come behind someone and do the cleanup!  So if I can do this and come to enjoy the process YOU can too!!!

When I realized my local health food store did not grind the grain before stocking the flour bins I quickly made the decision to purchase a grain mill (a Nutrimill) in January of 2005.  I began my membership with the Bread Becker’s Co-op in February and became a coordinator in April of 2005.

The rest is history!  My family loves homemade bread and other backed goods and since November of 2004 we have not bought ANY store bought bread, rolls, buns, etc.

I was a Co-Op coordinator for Bread Becker’s near Atlanta, Georgia where we order and receive deliveries three to four times a year for 11 years.  I also teach bread making classes.

I live in the panhandle of Florida in a very rural subdivision with 413 properties and 31 miles of dirt roads 13 miles northeast of Monticello.   I  completed homeschooling my son in 2013 and through my connection and being in community with other homeschooling families since 1999 I was introduced to the concept of making bread at home.

I appreciate your interest in staying healthy!

Lynn Stafford

  • Lynn Stafford

    Lynn Stafford

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